A company’s ability to deliver quality services and products is directly linked to the talent, energy, and commitment of its associates.  New Concept Incorporated is dedicated to seeking out the most highly skilled work force of well-qualified and driven to excel.

New Concept Incorporated has developed a unique approach to staffing that has facilitated the assembly of the best technical resources available, both in house as well as on a contractual basis with several of the leading system development firms in the United States and outside the content of US. 

New Concept Incorporated, most of its employees Speaks Bi-lingual Languages such as Arabic,French, Somali and Amharic being multiple languages speakers gives our employee leverage to  makes critical contributions to our goals and provides quality service to our customers help ensure that customer goals are met. 


NCI is Minority Owned focuses upon providing high-quality goods and services to its customers.  By way of our State and Federal, NCI Business Network, we have established key partnerships with industry leaders that will facilitate our meeting the needs of federal and state agencies throughout the world.

NCI is formally established in Delaware and have office in Maryland and Ethiopia, Now Planning to open office in Djibouti Africa


Our team members are well seasoned in systems engineer,  logistic, Field managers, and program manager with over twenty five years extensive management and acquisition experience in formulating policy, assessing complex technical requirements, developing innovative systems solutions, and implementing operational programs and plans

Our team members have extensive hands-on management of telecommunications, command, and control, computer, and information systems for various commercial companies, the US Department of Defense, Department Homeland Security, State Department, Defense Information Systems Agency and other US and foreign military entities 

Our Management Team Members outside the Continental United States (OCONUS)

Past Performance

NCI Management Team holds both private industry and government certifications in a number of specialties.  Many of the certifications are listed below. 


  • Program Management
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology
  • Quality Assurance
  • Systems Engineering
  • Product Quality Management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • CNA Novell Certified - April 1997
  • CNE Novell Certified - October 1997
  • MCP+I Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet
  • MCSE Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer